What is Digital Transformation?
What is Industry 4.0?
What is BIGDATA?
What is Analytics?
What is IoT (Internet of Things)
What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) ?
What is Fintech?
How Digital Transformation can help Organizations?
Is your Organization Digital Ready?
How to Start the Digital Transformation journey?
Do’s and Don’t’s of Successful Digital Transformation.


What is ISO 37120?
Why is this International Standard on city indicators important?
What are the Themes?
What are the standardized Indicators?
What are Core and supporting indicators?
Who are the users of ISO 37120?
How can ISO 37120 help cities?
What levels of Certification available?
Why it is important to measure the parameters?
How do we analyse the data in real time?
How do we implement?

Mr. Kishore M.S.M.E.(USA) , PMP


Mr. Kishore is an experienced professional with more than 25 years of industry experience in managing IT solutions. He
holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University, USA. A certified PMP and National Merit
Scholar he enjoys meeting people and learning new technologies which can help solve the industrial problems.

Kishore travelled extensively in Asia pacific and Europe and worked in Multi national Fortune 500 companies. His last stint
was with RGE group (15billion USD conglomerate in Asia pacific) as HEAD – MIS and spearheaded the Digitalization drive
for the group. He developed Dashboard and Analytics reports for most challenging industrial problems.

Participated in numerous IoT Seminars / conferences and he keeps himself abreast of all latest trends in the industry.
His passion is to create a world class brand to provide End-to-End Digital Transformation solutions for customers in India
and abroad.